Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Problem

Hoodia gordonii has been on the market for a number of years now. Although the price of some products has decreased over time, products containing pure Hoodia are still considered expensive by many.

Major problems regarding the Hoodia industry include the purity and quality of material used. Adulteration of Hoodia products is quite common, but there is another problem: Much of the Hoodia that gets cultivated is harvested too early. Hoodia gordonii plants need time to develop the active ingredients (p57) that suppress appetite. Hoodia gordonii that gets harvested before the plants are 3 years old hardly contain any of these active ingredients.

This means that many products that contain pure Hoodia gordonii have very little appetite suppressing qualities. Cultivated plants normally get overwatered to force growth. This practice results in the plants being prone to disease and causing the plants to die before maturity is reached. Many Hoodia growers harvest the plants at too early an age rendering their crop effectively useless.

There is a school of thought however that places less emphasis on p57. Even some scientists that were involved with the research of Hoodia think that the appetite surpressing qualities of the plant may involve more then just the p57 content. Perhaps the young Hoodia can be used after all. At the moment there is no certainty of this.

The Solution

The only way to obtain adult Hoodia gordonii plants horticulturally, is to grow them under natural conditions, with direct sunlight, heat, and controlled watering.

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